At CMG we have developed our stop loss products to meet a wide array of applications.  The experience of our staff goes back to the early years of the self-funded industry.  Through those years of experience, we’ve had the opportunity to design stop loss products for all types of plans, from the very basic to the most complex.

Traditional Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss

At CMG, we’ve been underwriting traditional specific and aggregate stop loss coverage for groups of all sizes and risk characteristics for over 18 years.  Our clients range in size from 11 lives to over 5000 lives.

Stop Loss for Plans with International Exposure

At CMG we have experience in underwriting coverage for US based companies with employees who live or travel extensively outside the country.  We understand the unique risk involved with medical conditions that emerge far from home, and with the need to access care in an international environment.  

Stop Loss Coverage for Mission Sending Organizations

CMG has a long tradition of offering stop loss coverage tailored to meet the needs of self-funded mission-sending groups, churches and other religious organizations.   

Transitional Stop Loss

Designed to make the first step into self-funding easy, CMG’s Transitional Stop Loss (TSL) product is an Aggregate-Only coverage for employers of 11-100 lives.  The TSL approach is structured to cap the employer’s cash flow liability to a fixed, budgetable amount each month.

Rapid Response Aggregate Accommodation

The CMG Rapid Response approach to aggregate accommodation allows the plan to file an accommodation request at any point during the month in which the cumulative paid claims exceed the cumulative aggregate liability.  CMG guarantees a Rapid Response to all accommodation requests and will typically ACH the eligible accommodation payment within 72 hours of receipt of the completed request.