Stop Loss Insurance


Certus Management Group’s underwriting services enable us to offer employers the stop loss coverage that meets their specific needs:

  • Plan Design and Risk Analysis- Our expert staff has experience analyzing risk and structuring stop loss coverage for the most unique and challenging applications.  
  • Stop Loss Underwriting for Groups of All Sizes - We underwrite coverage for plans from 11 participating employees and larger, and with specific retention levels from $10,000 and up.  
  • The "Firm Renewal" - We commit to providing our clients with a firm renewal offer based on experience information that is complete through the 10th month of the current policy period. 
  • Guarantee "No-Laser" Contract - We guarantee not to raise the specific deductible relative to an individual at renewal who may be experiencing on-going claims.  Additionally, the terms for the renewal will not represent a premium increase which includes the entire expected cost of a known future excess claim. 


At Certus Management Group, we have developed claims procedures which protect the self-funded employer from cash flow issues that can result from unpredictable claim activity:

  • Advance Reimbursement of Specific Excess Claims - The stop loss policy allows for immediate advance reimbursement of excess claim amounts once the specific retention has been funded by the employer. 
  • Extraordinary Claim Service - Excess claims are routinely processed and paid within ten working days from receipt of a complete claim submission. 
  • Rapid Response Monthly Aggregate Accommodation - We offer monthly aggregate accommodation at any point during the month and with year-end reconciliation. 
  • ACH Claim Payment - Claim payment via ACH transfer is available for no additional charge.